Materiality analysis


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Grupo Nutresa identifies the issues that could affect its ability to generate value by analyzing the expectations of its stakeholders, trends in the food sector, international industrial peers and evaluations in which it participates, such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), ALAS20, among others.

In 2015, Grupo Nutresa updated the materiality analysis and identified 23 relevant issues, of which 17 were classified as material; these issues were accessed as:

  1. Impact on the Organization: taking into account the strategy, strategic goals for 2020, corporate risks and business differentiators, among others.
  2. Relevance for Stakeholders: through dialogues, surveys and interviews carried out with Stakeholders in five countries: Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica and the United States.

Understanding Specific Priorities
Another purpose of the updating was to recognize the issues with relevance for operations of the omnichannel sales and retail food; these are shown thus:

1 Omnichannel

2 Retail Foods

1 Corporate governance

2 Risk and compliance



3 Profitable growth in the markets

4 Reliable brands with an excellent value for money relation

5 Effective innovation



6 Nutrition and healthy life

7 Responsible marketing

8 Food safety



9 Development of our people

10 Quality of life

11 Responsible sourcing

12 Responsible sales

13 Externalities


14 Human rights

15 Development of collaborative proposals for public policy

16 Development of capabilities and education

17 Food safety and nutrition



18 Water resource management

19 Energy

20 Climate change

21 Air quality

22 Waste management

23 Packaging and post – consumption