Stakeholder engagement model


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Purpose: To promote an environment of trust among shareholders, investment analysts and the general public, through transparent, timely communication in order to provide relevant, reliable information for investment decision making.

Relationship Mechanisms:

  • Website. Permanently
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Email. Occasionally
  • Quarterly investors conference
  • Integrated annual report
  • Shareholders’ Annual Assembly
  • Ethics Hotline. Permanently
  • Social Networks. Permanently



Purpose: To promote harmonious relationships to increase productivity in challenging, safe and inclusive work environments where collaboration is encouraged and employee development and progress are guaranteed.

Relationship Mechanisms:

  • Annual surveys on organizational climate
  • Intranet, printed newsletters, bulletin boards, Email. Permanently
  • Meetings with senior management. Quarterly
  • Synergy communities. Frequently
  • Primary groups. Frequently
  • Primary OHS Committees. Frequently
  • Retirement interview. Occasionall
  • Family–Responsible Company (FRC) Committee. Frequently
  • Psycho–social risk survey. Frequently
  • Human Rights Committee. Frequently
  • Coexistence Committees. Frequently
  • Suggestion boxes. Permanently
  • Ethics Hotline. Permanently



Purpose: To bring them reliable products with leading brands, through commercial networks that allow their growth.

Relationship Mechanisms:

  • Commercial network. Permanently
  • Client portals. Permanently
  • Customer–Service Line – Interaction Centers. Permanently
  • Ethics Hotline. Permanently
  • Grocers’ School. Permanently
  • Convenience Store School. Permanently
  • Annual Measurement of service
  • Meetings with alternative–channel entrepreneurs. Frequently
  • Website. Permanently
  • Email. Occasionally



Purpose: To contribute to their quality of life with recognized loved products and brands that satisfy their needs for nutrition, wellness and pleasure.

Relationship Mechanisms:

  • Customer–Service Line – Interaction Centers. Permanently
  • Ethics Hotline. Permanently
  • Consumer–Service Line. Permanently
  • Websites. Permanently
  • Email. Occasionally
  • Social networks. Permanently
  • Market research. Occasionally
  • Media communications
  • Points of Sale. Permanently
  • Point–of–Sale staff. Permanently
  • Brand/ Product activations. Occasionally



Purpose: To ensure the development of skills in related communities, as a tool to achieve their sustainability and support their wellness by allocating tangible and intangible resources.

Relationship Mechanisms:

  • Workspaces and outreach to communities. Frequently
  • Website and Email. Occasionally
  • Participation in forums and conferences. Occasionally
  • Integrated annual report
  • Training groups. Frequently
  • Ethics Hotline. Permanently
  • Annual meetings with farmers



Purpose: To promote the establishment of public policy environments that support the business objectives of the Organization and the particular needs of society.

Relationship Mechanisms:

  • Participation in spaces where the improvement of public policies is promoted. Occasionally
  • Reports and control meetings. Permanently
  • Answering surveys. Occasionally
  • Gremial participation. Frequently



Purpose: To strengthen and develop suppliers and contractors as partners in the supply chain, to permit their growth and ensure supply for the Organization.

Relationship Mechanisms:

  • Online business portal. Permanently
  • Contact Center. Permanently
  • Helpdesk. Occasionally
  • Email. Occasionally
  • Development and education programs. Permanently
  • Annual managament meeting
  • Evaluation visits. Permanently
  • Annual exemplary supllier event
  • Website. Permanently
  • Integrated annual report

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