Cárnicos Nutresa




  • Positive dynamics of the categories in which we are present, with a significant increase in the market share.
  • We continued to optimize our portfolio of products:  fewer references (SKUs) and withdrawal of the Rica brand on the Atlantic coast.
  • Consolidation of the Zenú brand as category leader; Rica and Cunit as defending brands, focused on the regions of impact; Ranchera, with a value proposal supported by experiences and satisfying taste; and Pietrán, as the specialized brand in care, promoting healthy lifestyles.
  • Effective innovation:  new easy–open–and–close Pietrán packaging, Practi sándwich Zenú and hot–dog–type sausage by Rica.
  • Development of the client segmentation model to strengthen our value proposal,  our level of service and distribution, achieving a superior rate of satisfaction with our clients.
  • Adapting our operation to the challenges of the environment, optimizing the operation of our pig farms, increasing productivity in our production plants and strengthening our logistics operation.
  • Venezuela: flexible operations network, seeking to adapt to the changing environment.Panama: consolidation of the portfolio of brands and products, ensuring an attractive value proposal for our consumers.


  • Sustained growth of our categories, supported by the strength of our brands and effective innovation.
  • Through our value proposal, respond to consumer needs, wishes and possibilities, ensuring we maintain our market leadership.
  • Strengthen profitable market arrival, with timeliness, coverage, availability and efficiency, and with the right portfolio for each client.
  • Reduce the impact of devaluation on the cost of our raw material, strengthening our integration schemes in pork and beef supply.
  • Continue with different pricing strategies to mitigate the impact on profitability, due to higher costs of raw materials denominated in Dollars.
  • Achieve efficiencies across our operating model, adapting to consumer needs and market conditions in a timely, efficient manner.


Diego Medina Leal Presidente Cárnicos Vicepresidente Logística

Diego Medina Leal


[In Nutresa since 1997/ age: 54 years old]