Chocolates Nutresa




  • We conducted an exercise in pricing, the rationalization of discounts and promotional activities, seeking not to affect sales volumes.
  • Improvements in sales fundamentals of the principal brands of the business with great commercial dynamics, especially in the category of snacks, consisting of chocolate candy, nuts and cereals.
  • Increase in direct production costs as a result of higher prices of cocoa, sugar and nuts, with the additional effect of the exchange rate.  This required major adjustments in price and improvements in the product mix and innovation, to mitigate the effect on the profitability of the business.
  • A vision integrated with the platforms abroad to leverage, regionalize and further integrate the management of the Chocolate Business in technical, commercial, marketing and R&D aspects.


  • Streamline the category of chocolate beverages with product innovations focused on convenience, practicality and accessibility.
  • Strengthen the portfolio of fine chocolate, with products offering greater added value.
  • Greater initiatives in the macro category of snacks, with functional, nutritional and healthy products, in a context of massification and premiumisation.
  • Increase market shares in Mexico, Central America and Peru by expanding the portfolio of products and categories and exporting integrated development from production platforms.
  • Develop productivity and effective innovation plans to mitigate the impact of profitability due to the increase in the costs of raw materials.
  • Growth of international sales and development of new export markets, which will gradually lead us to a balance of participation in national and international sales.


Jorge Eusebio Arango López Presidente Chocolates Vicepresidente Región Estratégica Sur

Jorge Eusebio Arango López


[In Nutresa sincce 1991/age: 60 years old]