Comercial Nutresa



  • We celebrated the first five years of Comercial Nutresa as the commercialization and distribution company of dry goods in Colombia for mass channels.  Its management and value proposals by segment have generated levels of excellence in the satisfaction and loyalty of our clients, increased sales, improved display, and numerical distribution of our brands.
  • The brand and network management model guides commercial strategies, based on understanding consumers, buyers and clients.
  • Construction of specialized value proposals to each segment, generating market differentiation and encouraging the growth of our clients.
  • To improve the strategic management of price (consumers, promotions, innovation), adjustments were made in processes, tools and price analysis, for better decision making.


  • We remain committed to strengthening the traditional channel and independent supermarkets to support their sustainability. We are working on the development of clients in the traditional and independent convenience store channels, generating value proposals in accordance with the growth of these formats.
  • Deepening the client–centered organizational model, and the way we relate to them as a differentiating element, adjusting our value proposal and processes.
  • We will continue strengthening specialized and alternative channels to attend the institutional market and directdelivery to households


Álvaro Arango Restrepo Presidente Comercial Nutresa, Vicepresidente Mercadeo y Ventas

Álvaro Arango Restrepo


[In Nutresa since 2001 / age: 55 years old]

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