Helados Nutresa




  • Challenges in sales performance are explained by:
    *Isolated rainy and cold seasons, concentrated in the afternoon and on weekends, when sales of the category are usually higher.
    * Some innovations with lower performance.
  • In the second half, we made some adjustments to the business plan that allowed us to reverse the trend, achieving better growth in sales and recovering profitability.
  • Maintain our market leadership.
  • Important progress in purging the portfolio, seeking to increase productivity in plants and improving the investment focus of portfolios.
  • Incorporation of 10% of refrigerators using new technology with environmentally friendly gases, that reduce energy consumption by 15%.


  • Execute our innovation plans more effectively, with a focus on nutrition.
  • Continue developing efficiency and productivity projects in production and logistics areas, in order to mitigate the additional challenges due to a devaluation that affects some of our raw materials, and those that are derived from the phenomenon of El Niño.
  • Continue with plans to improve client satisfaction and identify new profitable growth opportunities and territories.
  • Continue with the process of converting existing freezers to equipment with lower energy consumption and less environmental impact.
  • Maintain our efforts in building and strengthening our brands in the market.


Mario Alberto Niño Torres Presidente Helados Vicepresidente Innovación y Nutrición

Mario Alberto Niño Torres


[In Nutresa since 2006 / age: 49 years old]