Servicios Nutresa




  • Significant improvement in the client satisfaction survey, at both the real and perceptual levels.
  • Start up of operations in Servicios Nutresa Costa Rica and implementing the service management model for Central America.
  • Implementation of the risk–management and business continuity model.
  • Alignment of the risk management of commodities with international platforms.
  • Development of a prospective exercise that seeks to anticipate the competitiveness of the shared–services model to 2030.
  • Consolidation of the human rights’ management system and best labor practices in Grupo Nutresa , with the implementation of the Diversity and Inclusion Policy.
  • Development of strategic sourcing models in new categories and regions, and closing gaps in sustainable sourcing.
  • Expansion of operational capacity of Gestion Cargo S.A.S. and exploration of new export models that ensure competitiveness.
  • Implementation of Success Factors, a strategic human–talent management tool for Grupo Nutresa.
  • Strengthening of leading practices in gender equality, such as Equipares certification and recertification in ISO 9000, 14000, 18000, Family–Friendly Company (Empresa Familiarmente Responsable, EFR), and Healthy  Organizations (Organizaciones Saludables, OS).
  • Technological approval of Helados POPS and Helados BON with the start up of the SAP platform.


In 2016, we will continue to advance in consolidating the shared–services model for Grupo Nutresa and its companies, which ensures short and long–term competitiveness, focused on:

  • New services in risk management and compliance.
  • Strategic sourcing and supplier development.
  • Leadership development and attraction of talent.
  • Identification and adoption of new technologies.
  • Exploration of new business models.
  • Leading sustainability practices.
Sol Beatriz Arango Mesa Presidenta Servicios Nutresa, Vicepresidenta Desarrollo Sostenible, Directora General Fundación Nutresa

Sol Beatriz Arango Mesa


[In Nutresa since 1992 / age: 54 years old]

Shared Services

Administrative Services

  • Negotiation and Strategic Sourcing
  • Infrastructure
  • Information Technology


Financial Services

  • Financial Information and Planning
  • Accounting
  • Taxes
  • Treasury


Risk Administration and Control Services

  • Auditing
  • Legal Assistance
  • Risks, Insurance and Safety


Human Services

  • Human Development
  • Corporate Communications

Corporate services

  • Innovation
  • Market intelligence
  • Media buying
  • Sustainability
  • Services for Expats

Transversal support

  • Fundación Nutresa
  • Vidarium
  • Gestión Cargo
  • Opperar