The Northern Region Vice-Presidency

Alberto Hoyos Lopera

The Northern Region Vice-Presidency

In Nutresa since 1993 / age: 51 years

Alberto Hoyos Lopera | Vicepresidente Región Estratégica Norte

The Northern Region Vice-Presidency must ensure optimum performance of Grupo Nutresa’s operations in this area and the constant monitoring of the opportunities and risks that may arise, to ensure the achievements of the goals by 2020.

In relation to the Organization’s strategy, among the most relevant aspects of the Vice-Presidency during 2015, noteworthy was the consolidation of the traditional channel coverage through Comercial Pozuelo’s network in Central America, reaching more than 150,000 points of sale, improving the cost of distribution and readying the network for new portfolios not yet present in the region.

Our challenge is to support our distribution capability in the United States and capitalize on its growth potential to incorporate new products into the portfolio, strengthen the existing portfolio, expand direct–attention coverage to the strategic regions of the country, and develop a multi–channel distribution.

We continue to add value by strengthening the pillars of Grupo Nutresa’s internationalization model, developing the appropriate teams of people, brands with local impacts and distribution networks suitable for these markets.

Previous Experience

  • General Manager, Compañía de Galletas Pozuelo Costa Rica.
  • Manager of International Businesses, Galletas Noel S.A.
  • Manager of Procurement, Compañía de Galletas Noel S.A.



  • Mechanical Engineer, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana.
  • MBA with an emphasis in International Businesses, EAFIT University.