The Vice President of Corporate Finances

José Domingo Penagos Vásquez

The Vice President of Corporate Finances –Cfo–

In Nutresa since 2013 / age: 40 years

José Domingo Penagos Vásquez | Vicepresidente Finanzas Corporativas

The Office of the Vice President of Corporate Finances –CFO– is responsible for accompanying the definition and implementation of the Organization’s expansion strategies, from the ongoing, systematic search for organic and inorganic growth opportunities. This division manages the acquisition process of companies in our strategic region that demonstrate differentiating strengths in our business model: people, brands and distribution networks, and it accompanies the business units in structuring their strategic projects for organic growth.

Supported by a structured budgetary, planning and projection process, it ensures the availability of adequate information for decision making, and the definition of medium –and long–term objectives and goals to create value for shareholders.

The CFO accurately presents the Grupo Nutresa business model to investors, offering a superior level of service that ensures timely access to information to support the investment decision–making process.

It also takes care that Grupo Nutresa has an appropriate capital structure, with diverse sources of funding, both in capital markets and the banking sector, with a moderate risk profile, and a payment plan aligned with our cash flow at the lowest possible cost.

The role of the CFO also includes managing the strategy of hedging the foreign exchange risk, which seeks to mitigate the impact of currency volatility to which we are exposed.

Finally, it supports the CEO in strategic planning, monitoring acquisitions and managing special projects.

Previous Experience

  • Director of Corporate Finance, Bancolombia Investment Bank.
  • Head of Planning, Confecciones Colombia (Everfit).



  • Administrative Engineer, School of Engineering of Antioquia.
  • Specialist in Corporate Finance and Capital Markets, Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana.