Vice Presidency of Innovation and Nutrition

Mario Alberto Niño Torres

Vice Presidency of Innovation and Nutrition

In Nutresa since 2006 / age: 49 years

Mario Alberto Niño Torres | Vicepresidente Innovación y Nutrición

Innovation ensures Grupo Nutresa’s sustainable growth and is a fundamental pillar to achieve our Mega 2020 objectives. The ability to innovate is limited not only to the development of new products, but also extends to business models, distribution schemes, technologies and product reformulation. This is the challenge of the Vice Presidency: to ponder innovation at every level, ensuring that it is effective and radical, to deliver value to our consumers and shareholders.

In 2015, the new Governance Model, required for the successful implementation of the new strategy, was defined, and the Corporate Innovation Committee, responsible for the Grupo Nutresa direction and decisions in the matter, was formed. In addition, the new consolidated portfolio of innovation projects was developed and implemented, with which the Corporate Innovation Committee has visibility in all the innovation initiatives that are being advanced in each business.

The commitment Grupo Nutresa has assumed to consumers goes beyond providing them with appetizing, quality products that meet their needs for nutrition and indulgence. For this reason, during 2015, and through the Healthy Lifestyles campaign, we promoted the importance of healthy diets and physical activity.

This year, we will continue working to provide quality of life to consumers with products that satisfy their needs for wellness, nutrition and pleasure. Likewise, we will continue learning their nutritional needs and providing them with adequate information on our brands to make informed, healthy decisions.

Previous Experience

  • General Manager, Meals de Colombia S.A.
  • Financial Manager, Meals de Colombia S.A.
  • Marketing Manager, Meals de Colombia S.A.



  • Business Administrator, Universidad de la Sabana
  • Specialist in Strategic Marketing, Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Administración (CESA)