Vice president of Marketing y Sales

Álvaro Arango Restrepo

Vice president of Marketing And Sales

In Nutresa since 2001 / age: 55 years

Álvaro Arango Restrepo Vicepresidente | Mercadeo y ventas

The fundamental purpose of the Marketing and Sales VP is to enhance Grupo Nutresa brand equity, allowing us to position them in the minds of consumers and gain their preference.

To achieve this, the company starts by generating in–depth knowledge of the three market players: consumers, customers and shoppers. This allows building value proposition focused on their needs and expectations.

Grupo Nutresa has loved and preferred brands with top performance. They reach consumers filling their preferences at any retail environment, presentation or consumption moments, result of a wide distribution and strong sales network.

Distribution networks continue their development in the region, adapting to different geographies. They´ve strengthened their commercial management capabilities, getting closer to their customers and shoppers, specialization in commercial roles, and point–of–sale oriented execution that maximize efficiency and quality in delivering Nutresa´s value proposition.

Through our distribution and sales networks, we attend customers from different channels: chain supermarkets, small supermarkets, mom and pop stores, restaurants, institutions, industries, door to door, vending machines and e-commerce.

Previous Experience

  • President, Pastas Nutresa.
  • General Manager, Meals de Colombia S.A.
  • Vice President of Marketing, Postobón, S.A.



  • Business Administrator, EAFIT University